Shannon Wadkins, Owner

After growing up in the world of dance competitions, Shannon began her instructing in group exercise classes approximately 15 years ago; teaching Step Aerobics, Cardio Kickboxing and Pilates. In her personal life, she cultivated a love of yoga when she was 8 months pregnant with her son in 2003.

From that moment on, Shannon recognized that the most important benefit of yoga was that it relaxed her brain by increasing her patience and ability to focus. 

Having three children under the age of seven when she started practicing, she really enjoyed the silence and introspection that the one hour of yoga gave her each time she practiced.

She began to be an avid student and decided to obtain her 200 hour certification. It was then that she began sharing her love of yoga as an instructor. Trained locally in an Astanga-based program, Shannon enjoyed the repetition that Ashtanga provided that enabled her to see her personal practice grow.

Shannon then began to incorporate her background of dance into her yoga sequencing during her Vinyasa-based classes. The intermingling of the balance, strength and flexibility that flowing through a routine requires really resonated with her. She works hard to provide an all-level sequence that enables both new students and seasoned practitioners to find their edge by giving many modifications and enhancements to the sequence. You’ll find all types of music in
Shannon’s classes. Depending on the theme, it could be drum beats or Led Zeppelin. You may even hear songs from today as well as traditional yoga-based music.

Shannon attends training and classes whenever she travels to continue her path as a student.
Elizabeth Breinich

Yogi Elizabeth fell in love with the prctice of yoga, after discovering the positive physical and mental benefits it brought to her life. In January of 2012 Elizabeth completed her first certification through Yoga Fit and immediately began working with students. Thirsty for more training and a desire to be able to work with people on a deeper level, Elizabeth completed her 200-RYT teacher certification at Tapas Ashtanga Yoga Shala.

At the One Tree Hot Yoga Studio, Elizabeth is passionate about encourating people to respect and take care of their bodies. Her Vinyasa style classes are alive with energy and encouragement for every practioner. Elizabeth strongly believes yoga should be accessible to everyone offering classes for both the beginner and advanced student. Come and join her at One Tree where you can expect an opportunity to explore yoga challenges and share in the positive yoga community.
Jordan Chappell
My passion for yoga started four years ago. I moved out to New Jersey to be a nanny and decided to expand my horizons to meet new people and try new things. I did hot yoga almost every day during the week while the girls I was a nanny for were at school. I fell in love with everything about it. I knew then I had to be an instructor. I decided a year and half ago to move back to the Midwest to start my career as a teacher. I started practicing at One Tree once I moved back, and last January I decided to become a yoga certified instructor. I also did my training through One Tree and continue to teach and practice there.
Michelle Clarke
Michelle Clarke, a single mom of 2 boys, always finding herself on the go. Born and raised in Davenport; been working in the hospitality industry for 30 years she loves being around the public and making new connections. Yoga was something not in her future, but back in August 2013 she had a softball injury. Who would of thought she found One Tree Hot Yoga Studio. Having encouragement from her brother-in-law, she came to her first class Oct 25, 2013. Michelle starting coming every day; sometimes twice. Michelle fell in love with the challenge and the athletic. As time passed Michelle became more connected to her inner self. Yoga was starting to allow Michelle to find time outside her hectic life. One Tree became not just a place of practice, but somewhere she took time for herself to seek peace and personal growth.
Michelle continued her daily practice, then found herself taking the first certification class offered at One Tree Hot Yoga. In May 2015 Michelle was became certified with the 200 RYT. She teaches a Vinyasa flow and continues to work on her own practice and patience. Michelle has been given opportunities through the studio to teach at local colleges/venues. This encourages her to share a life passion and invites future yogis to step into a world of mind, body, and soul.
Jennifer Farmer

My name is Jennifer Farmer, as an active person I was searching for something different and discovered Yoga. Since the very beginning I can tell a difference in my mood, anxiety, health, stress level and mental focus when I am practicing yoga. I am a big fan of variety and I tend to mix things up when I am leading a class. I deeply enjoy the outdoors and being in nature. In additional to being highly active I love to be with my family and friends. I desire connectivity which I find in relationship and the connections between mind, body and emotions all which can be nurtured during a yoga class. I started practicing yoga in 2014 and received my certification to teach in 2016. I believe this people are an important part of our community and would love the opportunity to provide vital physical, mental and emotional wellness and resilience to this community. Yoga is a journey of the self through the self to the self. 
Ann Steward

Heather Larsen

Heather Larsen found yoga after a series of stressful life events. After her first practice she fell in love with the way yoga made her feel both physically and mentally. As a person who occupies a very busy mind and has a lot of energy she found benefits in the mindfulness of her practice to be very rewarding. In October 2015 she completed her Teacher Training at One Tree Hot Yoga. She immediately joined the team and has been teaching at the studio ever since. 

With a BA degree in Psychology from the University of Iowa and a Primal Health Coaching Certification, she has been able to combine her passion of yoga with her desire to help others reach their optimal health. Heather teaches a Vinyasa flow that assists students in finding mindfulness in their practice by connecting breath to movement. As a Health Coach she uses an integrated approach to educate, motivate and guide clients towards maximum vitality. She believes yoga is for everyone and that it is a life style that allows it’s practitioners a balance between body, mind and soul.
Jordan Moore 

Jordan Moore found yoga by being in the right place at the right time. She was discovered hula hooping in Vander Veer Park and was offered to teach hooping classes at One Tree during Summer 2013. Within the next year, she began practicing yoga religiously and committed herself to a 200 HR RYT. Since completing her teacher training, she teaches and practices daily in and out of the studio. Outside of yoga, sheis a full-time student at Trinity College of Nursing and Health Sciences and is earning her degree in Respiratory Therapy. She plans to return to school for a second degree in Nursing and combine her knowledge in clinical practice and yoga practice to improve physical, mental, and spiritual health for all students.
Brooke Eckhardt-Lee

Brooke began practicing yoga in 2010, she loved it and wanted more, her busy schedule put yoga on hold until 2015 when One Tree Hot Yoga started it’s first Teacher Training program. It seemed like a logical fit with Brooke's background in massage therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture, which she practices in Bettendorf, Iowa. Brooke teaches massage therapy at Capri College, she is an instructor of anatomy & physiology, pathology, kinesiology, Thai massage, prenatal and infant massage. She also has been teaching CEUs for LMTs for the last few years. Brooke finished the 200-RYT in May for 2015 and is registered with Yoga Alliance. She has been teaching Foundations, Beginner and Yin/Restorative at One Tree Hot Yoga since she finished Teacher Training. She has also taken Yin I and II classes in Omaha, NE and is currently working on her certification . Brooke has also taken classes on line with Yogamazé. Brooke has a strong desire to learn and instruct, she loves teaching foundations, core work and guiding people through their body awareness. Yoga was the perfect piece to the rest of her passions.  
Mary Stolze 

Mary Stolze discovered yoga in 2010 when a friend invited her to attend a class. At first yoga was a complimentary workout to the regular cardio/strength exercise regimen she followed. As she became more present, she learned the transformative effects of yoga. Inspired by One Tree Hot Yoga instructors she completed the RYT200 teacher training at One Tree.  

A Registered Dietitian, Mary has always been interested in nutrition, wellness and health. Mary has experimented with various styles of yoga but loves the creativity and limitless options that the vinyasa flow style allows. Restorative yoga has been her greatest, most rewarding personal challenge, learning to align the physical and mental aspects of yoga by practicing stillness and gentle movement in asanas.
Aaron Washington

Aaron Washington began practicing yoga in early 2006 after years in the medical field and in athletics including collegiate football and volleyball, as well as 2 years of semi-pro and arena league football. 

Like most beginner yogis, he had trouble finding the deep connection of yoga immediately. After many years connecting with the tradition at various studios in the Quad Cities and Chicagoland area, his passion for the discipline soon flourished and he received his Yoga Instruction certification via Yogafit in August of 2011. Since then, Aaron discovered a practice grounded in his life experiences in the medical field, athletics and those learned through various instructors and workshops - including training with Katie Schuver and Cole Morrow, RYT. More recently he received his 200hr Yoga Alliance certification at Davenport School of Yoga under the tutelage of Jeani MacKenzie. 

Aaron’s instruction is fashioned after the breath, flow and strength of yoga and the belief that yoga is for everyone. His instruction promotes that "the fear of failure is a self-imposed limitation". There is No Frustration, No Competition and No Judgment in your own yoga experience.

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