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Services at One Tree

Reiki Session

Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch.

The health benefits of Reiki are many, including:

Brings on a meditative state

Reduces stress and anxiety

Foster tissue and bone healing after injury or surgery

Stimulate your body’s immune system

Promote natural healing

Relieve pain and tension

Studies show that Reiki treatments create feelings of:





In this 45-60 min session you'll be fully clothed. Although much like a massage appointment in terms of the environment, it's a different experience. Please come clean and dry from any yoga class. 

Pricing varies by practitioner

Mobility + Alignment Session

Katlin is a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, Fascia and Mobility Specialist, Health Coach, and has been teaching an array of Yoga Modalities for nearly a decade. Katlin will help you to understand where there may be misalignments in the body, what the root cause of that/those misalignment(s) may be, and teach you how to treat them.


Katlin may help you learn to use a variety of tools including your own breath, foam rollers, massage balls, yoga props, exercise bands, and more. She will help determine exercises that may help you to correct muscular or fascial imbalances and guide you through them.

These sessions will also help you to gain a tremendous amount of body awareness which Katlin hopes will empower you in your wellness endeavors.


Every session is completely unique to each student and their needs. You can book sessions with Katlin via Mindbody or by emailing her directly at

1 Hour Session - $70

Private Yoga Class

We are happy to provide private yoga classes for individuals and small and large groups:

Bachelorette Parties

Birthday Parties

Corporate Wellness

Team Bonding

Family Time

Pricing varies depending on class type and number of participants. Please contact us for more information and to schedule.

Thai Yoga Bodyworks

Please contact us for more information and to check availability.

Request More Information

You may schedule Reiki and Mobility + Alignment Sessions with Mindbody, depending on availability. To schedule a private class or request more information, reach out to us!

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