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New to Yoga?
We're here to help


Every expert was once a beginner.

At One Tree we strive to make yoga accessible to our community via our diversity of classes, our range of instructors, and providing opportunities for small group and one-on-one instruction.

Yoga Fundamentals
4 Week Course

Beginner Class

Private Lessons

Mobility +


Yoga Fundamentals is a 4 week course designed for individuals who are brand new to yoga or who would like the opportunity to learn more about the background and basics of yoga principles.

To ensure the best experience possible and to provide individual learning opportunities each course is limited to 5 participants.

This class meets once weekly for 4 consecutive weeks with each class lasting 75 minutes.

Particpants will learn:

- Some yoga history

- The pillars (8 limbs) of yoga

- Breathing techniques

- Yoga poses and movements

- How to use yoga props

- Modifications for poses and movements

- Yoga étiqueté and more

Participants must register in advance by emailing or calling One Tree Hot Yoga directly. Prepayment is required. No refunds or proration will be remitted due to missed sessions.

Our next course begins TBD - Please contact us for more information.

All sessions meet on Saturdays from 9:30 am -10:45 am.

* This class is currently on summer vacation and will return in the fall. Please contact us to schedule a private Beginner Class or lesson.

This 45 minute class is for true beginners and practitioners who wish to return to the basics to refine their alignment.

If you have never been to a yoga class before, it's been a long time, or you desire the precision of a beginner level of instruction - this is THE class for you.

Your instructor will guide you through the basics of yoga including breath work, basic postures, gentle movements and the best use of props.

This class will be room temperature (70-75 degrees).

Visit our 'About' page for FAQ&A

Accessibility: Rooms will have a variation of lighting from dim to bright lights, depending on instructor. Each of our two rooms has one full wall of mirrors which students practice facing. Our larger room as one exit door in the middle, back of the room. Our smaller room as two exit doors, one of each side of the room. Students are welcome to use the wall and/or installed barre for balance and support.


One Tree offers private yoga lessons/classes with availability most days of the week, morning and evening.

Private lessons may be one-on-one or a small group.

Private lessons enable the instructor to customize your yoga experience and yoga poses to meet your needs, abilities and preferences. Feel comfortable giving your instructor feedback and working with them to find YOUR Goldilocks yoga practice.

Private lessons can be as unique as you:

- Option for heat or no heat

- Option for lighting high/low or use of mirror/no use of mirrors

- You choose level of difficulty and pace

- Learn how to use yoga props to assist or add difficulty to your practice

Are you seeking out Yoga to help you with your mobility or to ease aches and pains? Did you know that often times tension in our bodies actually originates from strength imbalances and instability?

Katlin is a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, Fascia and Mobility Specialist, Health Coach, and has been teaching an array of Yoga Modalities for nearly a decade. Katlin will help you to understand where there may be misalignments in the body, what the root cause of that/those misalignment(s) may be, and teach you how to treat them.


Katlin may help you learn to use a variety of tools including your own breath, foam rollers, massage balls, yoga props, exercise bands, and more. She will help determine exercises that may help you to correct muscular or fascial imbalances and guide you through them.

These sessions will also help you to gain a tremendous amount of body awareness which Katlin hopes will empower you in your wellness endeavors.


Every session is completely unique to each student and their needs. You can book sessions with Katlin via Mindbody or by emailing her directly at

1 Hour Session - $70

Next Course Date TBD
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